This Parent-Learner Manual has been promulgated to prescribe standards for sound learners disciplinary measures and to address matters such as academic program, calendar of activities, learners' assessment, grading system and requirement in promotion, selection of honors, schedule of examinations, relevant functions of school officials and school bodies,  parents' support  and  participation, and other related matters concerning learners' behavioral development, all of which are particularly important in ensuring behavioral and learning development of every pupil and learners of Philippine-Emirates Private School.

In developing this Manual, PEPS adopted the specific provisions on learners behavior under  the Policy Guidance on Private Schools promulgated by Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC) in consonance with  the Manual of Policies and Regulations for Philippine Schools Overseas, the  Revised Manual of Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education of the Department of Education, and the experience gained by school administration, faculty and staff over the years in providing support and guidance toward developing more viable community-based institutions capable of meeting certain educational objectives.