Welcome to our very own website!

The Philippine-Emirates Private School, which envisions itself to be the sole and ultimate provider of high quality of education in the United Arab Emirates for the Filipinos, continues to search for avenues to assure the stakeholders – parents and learners – the consistent delivery of high quality education which has become this institution’s trademark since its inception.  Indeed, the Philippine-Emirates Private School’s belief in the Filipino children’s right to acquire quality education at par with the international standards is clearly manifested in its adherence to a strict standard of selection for its faculty members and staff who are all tasked to meet the challenge of maintaining this institution’s tradition of excellence.  Thus, the Philippine-Emirates Private School boasts of a committed, dedicated, and professional faculty members and staff whose competence is above standard and beyond question.
This website aims to provide important information which significantly affects and assures a tighter and closer relationship with our stakeholders.  Additionally, new systems, policies, procedures, and processes are explained through the different manuals to be published in specific pages of this website.  Pictures of extra- and co-curricular activities will be posted as well as important announcements and news of forthcoming events.  Contact information of important people can also be found for easy access to this institution’s leadership and management.  In short, this website encapsulates all you need to know with an assurance that this institution’s doors are constantly open for all our stakeholders and their concerns.
While most of the pages of this website is still under construction and development, rest assured that our IT people are working to make this website one that you can be proud of.